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Our mission is to set out and face whatever challenge is put before us, ensuring our clients and their vessels get their requirements met even when the circumstances are out of the ordinary. The greater the challenge, the better we get to show our excellence at what we do.

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South-pole expedition

One of our most exceptional challenges to date, is the full supply of not one but three missions to Antarctica. The earth’s southernmost continent.

In 1988 we were contacted by our client, who was set to deliver the complete equipment for a new polar base to be built on Antarctica, if we would be able to assist for their project. With over 80 construction workers being flown in to complete the build on site, of course provisions and stores were required.

Fully equipping the vessel in The Netherlands before her voyage to the Arctic, all sorts of precautions were taken to ensure the best quality stores along with paying a close eye on expiry dates would make it to the Arctic.

The mission and construction of the camp became a huge success, leading to two more expeditions to take place, also being supplied by TBS Group with stores.

Till this day a remnant of the missions is still present in the port of Delfzijl. The bulbous bow of the vessel, which was dismantled in order to adjust the vessel for the Arctic voyage, stands proud in the dyke of Delfzijl.

To this date we hold a special remnant of the mission as well, a bottle of Hooghoudt which was sponsored and stamped at the most southern part of the world.

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