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Global supplier

The TBS Group is proud to have become a true global supplier of all ship requirements, having specialised in both domestic and foreign deliveries, for both provisions and technical, we serve as a steady base to your requirements at any location needed. Serving our clients with excellent care and products, no matter the location on the globe, together with the service level and personal touch we have become known for in the past decades. It is this exact personal touch and care, that has made us sustain the hands of time in this dynamic world that is called shipping and will prove us to be relevant for many more years to come.


Making the difference through quality produce, having originated from supplying the mainly Dutch merchant vessels the quality of our products is what stands out. Whilst keeping value for money as an important factor, the direct quality is what initially caused our business to thrive and to become a well-known name in the ship chandling business. Not forgetting where our strength originated from, some critical base products like bread, eggs, potatoes, and onions are still bought from local suppliers. Offering a standard which is unrivalled and appreciated by our clients with each and every single meal prepared. A happy crew is an efficient crew, in which we are proud to contribute to through our supplies. The quality of service and products, is what shows our competence as a ship chandler.

4th generation

Family businesses are becoming unique in the global economy, not to mention in the ship chandling business specifically. We are there for extremely proud to say we have been around for 4 generations and we keep offering continuous growth and development in our business. By having the business embedded in our blood, our feel and experience with shipping is unprecedented. Through this, our personal connection with both clients and employees is unique. Reflecting directly on our way of taking care of things and continuously finding solutions for any challenge put before us.

18th century

The start of ship chandlers

By the 18th century most commercial chandlers dealt in candles and soap, although even then many were becoming general dealers. As these were the dealers that provided ships’ stores, chandlery came to refer to a shop selling nautical items for ships and boats, although for a time they were called ship-chandleries to distinguish them. Americans used the term chandlery for these ship-chandleries, but tended to prefer the term chandler’s shop. Both terms are still in use. The job function and title, chandler, still exists as someone who works in the chandlery business or manages a chandler’s shop.


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Where we came from

Founded by the family Doelder in the early 30’s, our company started off as a ship chandler in the local port of Terneuzen. Providing vessels passing the locks with a daily newspaper and to check if they would require any stores during their stay or passage. A day and night service, which through lack of digital communication was all done in person during very short passages at the locks. An intense and strenuous task, one which continued for many years and causing our own agency and bunker company to arise and provide additional services.


What we do now

The past 30 years our company has gone through many developments, expanding from regional to worldwide services and having ventured through Europe supplying our clients with their needs. Focussing more heavily on serving our clients with ship supplies, logistic- and worldwide administrative purchasing solutions.
Currently we offer our clients with services through our own fleet of trucks and warehouses for deliveries in virtually any Western-European port. Outside of this area we have created an amazing group of suppliers around us, assisting us in serving our clients globally.

Ship supplies

The future

Where we're setting course to

Our course is set towards continuing and expanding our high level of services towards our clients. By staying true to ourselves and the values we hold dearly, we are sure to become unique in the level of services, quality and solutions we offer in the ship chandling market. Exploring new possibilities outside of current markets, we strive to draw attention of the foreign markets and further expand to the global market. Sure of the unique services offered, which cannot be found abroad.


What a time to be alive, with digital possibilities our founding family members could not have imagined almost a century ago. Ship chandling is undergoing heavy changes, changes  our 4th generation family owners fully embrace. We are both curious and excited to find out what the future has in store for us.