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Serving the fleets of our clients on a global scale, our TBS Catering system is designed to take care of the complete purchase and budget management of all matters involving provisions. Ensuring the fleet and their crew is served anywhere across the globe, whilst securing the vessels pre-determined budgets based on a fixed food rate system.

Through over 18 years of experience in the global catering management, a steady base of suppliers in over 85 countries ensure safe handling and delivery of the needs of our clients.

Providing a transparent, free of hidden fees, system designed to manage your personally set budget per vessel and offering victualling services anywhere in the world.

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“We are very satisfied about the deliveries made by TBS Catering. They also take care of special delivery time requests during our very busy schedules. Delivered provisions were of good quality as usual, and very fresh. Thank you again for the support!”

Cook – Loireborg

Budget management

Designed to manage and control vessel and fleet budgets concerning provision purchases and usage all over the globe. Through a transparent format, based on data received monthly from the vessels, TBS Catering Services ensures your fleet to sail within the determined budget at all times.

Uniquely focussed on more than the financial figure of budgets, quantities of stores received and consumed is closely monitored at all times. Increasing efficiency on board by monitoring all factors involving the spending of each vessels. Together with tendering each request to our over 300 suppliers globally, we ensure the right price and right quality each delivery.

Additionally our system completely removes all administrative burdens involving provision purchases. No more foreign invoices, no more exchange rate losses, no more various suppliers worldwide.

Fixed food rate

One fixed food rate figure for your entire fleet, offering a fully transparent cost report for the client set in advance. Through the usage of our system, there are no more surprises when it comes down to the daily spending rate of each vessel.

Actively monitored and recalculated per actual crew on board, at all times the set fixed food rate figure is transparently calculated to ensure both crew and visitors benefit from the system. Taking care of the full administrative side of registration of additional visitors and crew fluctuations.

Eliminating the need to actively manage the food budget of a vessel on the clients end, the service is designed to reduce workloads for both purchasing departments and administration departments.

Controlling your stock

An often forgotten, but incredibly important part of a budget management system, is the stock control on board of vessels.  Specialised in this area, through digitalised stock maintenance software, we thoroughly keep in check the stock figures and usage on board. Making sure budgets are not only maintained based on purchase, but on actual usage.

Our staff their continuous management of the actual on board stock together with the made purchases, make our managed vessels perform at the best of their capacity and ensuring a safe level of stock on board at all times.

Providing inspiration

Being involved with food product deliveries, throughout the globe, TBS Catering Services recognises an important factor within the budget management that is not focussed on price or location. The preparation of the meal itself, influenced by the cook on board is the determining factor of usage on board.

Through the delivery of the right quality product within our service, combined with assistance in menu’s, we strive to inspire the crew and cook on board.

Additional tools are made available in the form of guidelines to healthy meal preparation and advice towards maximising efficiency per product.  Achieving this is an important factor in the success of a budget management system, inspiring to get the most out of every single meal and increasing efficiency together with crew performance.

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