Ship supplies

Your provider of ship stores

Our ship supplies department is focussed on being your provider of ship stores, with the capability and experience to deliver these alongside in most West-European ports. Focussing highly on service combined with the right pricing, we strive to be your go-to contact for any store requirement with delivery directly alongside at the port of the clients choosing.

Together with the TBS truck fleet, we are able to offer a unique service of combining stores with spare part deliveries. Delivered straight from our warehouses, with no additional warehousing or transport parties involved. Actively assisting the client in lowering costs, whilst keeping quality of the delivered stores and service at the required level to satisfy both crew and owner.

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Provider of all provisions

Delivered directly from our main warehouse, we specialise in any provision requirement on board of sea going vessels. With the shipping industry offering job opportunities for people from many different nationalities and religious beliefs, we as a ship supplier have specialised in a large diverse set of products available to meet each specific wish. Through our unique position of holding a large stock of products at our main warehouse, we are able to offer our clients with quick service and delivery of quality products. Ranging from fresh, frozen and dry provisions, any requirement we can meet.

Our location

Our main warehouse is located in Breskens, at an ideal location in between some of the largest ports in Europe. Combined with our unique trait of holding a uniquely large stock of produce, we are able to offer swift response times and delivery times for your requirements.


Our provision ranges consists of every thinkable product that falls under the food requirements on board, ranging from fresh stores to deep frozen products from all ends of the world. Having key partnerships with some of the largest suppliers in the world, combined with some of the smaller local suppliers, we strive to offer the best value for money products available in today’s market. Quality being high on our list, as for the crew on board the presented meal is one of the highlights of the crew’s day. Improving their spirit on board through usage of our products, will also result in higher efficiency and crew satisfaction. Something we are very happy to assist with. As a small example, we offer our clients with fresh baked bread from a local bakery. This bakery has been supplying TBS Shipsupplies with bread for over 25 years, offering high quality products for the crew to enjoy with every breakfast.


For any bonded stores requirement on board of our clients vessels we offer a large variety of bonded/canteen products. Ranging from Beer, Soft drinks, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Sweets, Chips and personal care items, striving to offer client and crew with competitive pricing of the mentioned items at all times.

Deck, engine, galley and technical

Specialised in all technical requests for vessels in our service area. With over 60 years of experience and the knowledge that comes with it, we serve our clients with the complete set of technical requirements for sea going vessels, tankers, tug and offshore vessels. Ranging from mooring ropes and steel lengths to the smallest of technical, galley or deck necessity on board, no product or challenge is out of our reach. Specialising in quality grading, we ensure meeting specific quality requirements for each product, no matter the standard.


Our modern day world is constantly developing and evolving, shipping and ship chandling in specific beeing no exception to this. TBS Shipsupplies is keeping up with the pace and seeks to innovate the present day supply chain where possible.

Through data available in many purchasing systems, various methods ranging from database creation based on history, database linking to full XML integration are beeing developed and used to simplify and innovate the different supply chain steps.

Taking that extra step for our clients and focussing on the future, seeking an electronic exchange of data where possible to increase effectiveness in administrative processes and contributing to correct and matching results. Making each transaction a better one.

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