Worldwide assistance

Designed with the vision of offering our clients with a global solution to technical purchases and requirements. The TBS Trading system functions as a worldwide purchase solution, meant to consolidate and lower overall costs involved through our expertise and care we have become known for.

Through key partners located in over 85 countries, the service offers competitive pricing and the option to combine your technical requirements together with provision purchases globally through TBS Catering Services.

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Simplifying purchases

As a purchasing solution, the TBS Trading system revolves around getting our clients the right price at the right location at all times. Simplifying purchases through one contact, the service offers database matching to speed up and simplify requests and purchase orders handled worldwide. Matching can be done based on several databases, including IMPA standard connected to the unique TBS Item ID database. Through this matching our client is ensured to receive the correct item, no matter where in the world. Completely removing interpretation errors on the end of both supplier and client and simplifying matters for the clients convenience. As TBS Trading also receives and handles each incoming invoice, owners are rid of the administrative workload and no longer have to deal with delivery discrepancies, credit request or exchange rate losses.

Global purchases through one contact

A system designed to offer a solution to the clutter of suppliers worldwide, with each their own limitations and requirements. The TBS Trading system is specifically catered towards clients that seek one party to handle their global needs. No more various terms to take in mind, but all of your needs met through one contact with one determined set of terms worldwide. Transparent and clear at each phase, our purchasing department will help reduce workloads where possible whilst offering the best local prices and availability of products available in any port.

Invoices in one currency

No matter the port of purchase, the TBS Trading system ensures every invoice towards the client is presented in either EURO or USD. Offering a service beyond handling your requests, we take care of any local currency and exchange rates. Preventing the need on the clients end to deal with local currency, saving exchange rate losses and offering the client with a pre-determined payment agreement without the need to deal with local suppliers and their terms.

Full integration

Extending on already existing digitalisation and integration solutions, TBS Trading offers a full integrated service through a key partner. One which has connected various large suppliers and product producers, realizing a global supply chain in ship requirements. Speeding up technical requests and quotes by over 50%, the client is able to benefit from seamless electronic exchange of business transactions within our TBS Trading system. Importing  RFQ, Quotation and Order directly into our systems. The automated process based on pre-set databases will also ensure that your invoices completely match your PO. Not only speeding up the process, but also completely matching invoice with your PO for administrative purposes. Saving your accounting department precious time. The client, when adopting the system, will automatically also connect to any supplier or producer using the system worldwide. Allowing for further streamlining of purchasing.

Manage everything from one location

Managing all your technical needs from one place, having the certainty that your needs are taken care of no matter where in the world, is the security we offer. Not having to make arrangements with local suppliers, not knowing their reliability and having to deal with many forms of payment terms, is what makes our system work. Pre-determined payment terms together with one currency through one contact, in any port around the globe. In addition to the global purchasing management system, through our year long experience together with our catering department we also actively contribute to finding the best port for your purchase. The initially requested port might be followed by a more convenient port. This active additional assistance can help reduce costs without touching quality or quantity.

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