Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz

A challenge that perfectly shows the quality we offer in our business, is being the chosen supplier for a homage voyage to Willem Barentsz towards the North-Pole during “Willem Barentsz week” in 1996. Organised by the Maritime Institute “Willem Barentsz” and various other involved companies, the education ship of the school m/v “Prinses Margriet” set sail towards the Barentsz region to pay tribute to the great Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz.

Willem Barentsz, who explored the Artic to find a passable trade route to Asia, encountering unbearable conditions by both climate and wildlife, and unprecedented beauty in the form of the first ever recorded sighting of the Novaya Zemlya effect. Eventually evening passing away on the return voyage, after not managing to find a path through. Needless to say it was a unique privilege to be able to assist in such a tribute, to one of our history makers. Taking pride in being trusted to arrange the required standard for such a mission.