Supplying your local needs from around the globe.

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Serving only the ‘good’ in food. Bon appétit.

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Delivery of your technical products worldwide.

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Getting the logic in your logistics.

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We are TBS Group.

Supplying your needs arround the globe

TBS Group is one of the few remaining fully family owned ship chandler in the ARA range, serving our clients with ship stores through excellent care and expertise which has been gathered through more than 70 years of hands on experience in the market. Currently active in over 85 countries, ranging from Europe, Asia, North-America and everything in between.

We are proud to consider ourselves in being a global provider of all ship stores for our clients. In the widest aspect of the word complete, our subsidiaries are active in Ship stores, Catering Services, Global technical purchases and Logistic Solutions. Truly having a solution available for any case put before us.

Together with our personal care and experience, we make it our priority to get the stores required by our clients delivered anywhere on the globe, at the right time, the right place and at the right price.


Ship supplies

As your all-in provider of ship stores, we assist our clients with any requirement they might have. Ranging from provisions to technical stores, all delivered by our own truck park throughout Western-Europe.

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A system specifically designed to maintain and actively manage all relevant parts of food purchases worldwide. Specialised in Budget Management and Fixed Food Rates, TBS Catering Services is your all-in solution to worldwide provision purchases and budget management.

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Developed to strengthen our global purchasing solutions, the TBS Trading department directly caters towards all your global technical requirements. Through our vast network in over 85 countries, we ensure our clients receive the right stores at the right price no matter where in the world all through one contact.

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Our logistics department offers a unique feature amongst catering and ship supplies companies. Serving our clients with our logistic services through our fully self-owned truck park.

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