A show of flexibility

Having arranged a delivery to a vessel in Stenungsund, near the Norwegian border, the vessel suddenly had to leave whilst the truck was on the way. With lead times of 48 hours, there was no way we could make it there in time.

As we directly own and manage our truck-fleet, not being dependent on a transport company,  we had the option to divert the route and chase the vessel down to Gdynia, Poland. However as our truck boarded the ferry from Sweden to Poland, the client advised the vessels voyage was cancelled and would now proceed to Germany.

Re-diverting the truck once again, supply was successfully made in the port of Wismar, Germany.

These solutions, though out of the ordinary and not common, are only possible when having maximum control and an in-house customs department. Allowing maximum flexibility, whilst perfectly controlling law and regulation of the countries we pass and ports we supply in.